Have you ever walked into a room and completely forgot why you walked in there?  Or pulled out your phone only to stare blankly at the home screen and wonder why you just pulled it out?  I was going to be down in Battle Creek for work and had picked Schlotzsky’s as lunch in between jobs.  And as I dragged my aching body through the doors, my mind blanked.  I knew something about this place had made me go – “Yeah, you want to eat here.”  But what was that something?

Schlotzsky’s feels like a cross between Panera’s better-than-your-average-fast-food-or-drive-in menu, and Jimmy John’s amusing collection of fun and sarcastic signs.  “You can bite my sandwich, but please don’t pinch my bunz” was on my soda cup, and a large picture of a cow on a farm has “I could eat at Schlotzky’s until the people come home” in a speech bubble.  They’re not taking themselves too seriously here, and after a bit of work, I think I’m glad for it.

Out For Food - Schlotzsky's

Their food, on the other hand, was anything but a joke.  Their Pick 2 menu got me half of a personal pizza, and a tray of mac & cheese, and a few gallons of Coca-Cola while I sat down and rested.  If I had ordered this around noon (when I meant to have lunch), I might have not quite finished it.  But at a few minutes shy of 4pm, well, it didn’t last long.

Out For Food - Schlotzsky's

Also, let’s just take a look back at that order.  Mac & cheese, and pizza.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  The macaroni was a fatter-than-normal pasta, which I appreciate isn’t exactly the same pasta I get at the local supermarket.  The cheese – while definitely a mass-produced cheese – was made with a nice sharp cheddar that again, I appreciated was not the same mild cheese on so many bland mac & cheese sides.  The pizza was also pretty darn good.  A definite step up from your average fast food pizza slice (but maybe not quite on par with a good sit-down-restaurant pizza).  All in all, very worth the $11.

Liquids: Coca-Cola, Fuze, Minute Maid, and some bottles, cans, and milks available in a cooler.
(Props for having caffeine-free Coke, but sadly no Mexican Coke.)
Public Wifi: Yes
Rewards Program: Yes
Sit Down & Drive Through

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