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Who We Are

Jim Larson (All PostsEmail)

Jim takes pictures and writes articles about food here, firmly believes that pineapple does not belong on any pizza, and also runs the recipe site Holy Shit Recipesand the technology site Click Beep. He enjoys going to trade shows above his pay grade, and collects Pink Floyd remasters.

How We Categorize

We split all restaurants into one of three main categories – Fast Food, Restaurants, and Black Tie.  Most places are probably going to be restaurants.

Fast food doesn’t always mean burgers and a drive in – but if speed is the name of the game, that is the category it goes in.  Black Tie doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear one to get in, but these will be fancier than your normal place.

In addition, we have a few special categories – like Burgers and Mac & Cheese and Pizza.  These places probably serve more than just that one dish, but it’s a way of calling out special things to look out for.  We’re probably not going to do a category for every kind of food.

So why those?  Well, it’s my website and I say those are the best.  😎

How We Rate

Coming soon.

Our Images

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We all have opinions. That’s fine. You can have your opinions, but that doesn’t mean our website has any obligation to promote your opinion.

Keep it classy or you’re not going to comment.

Where You Can Find Us Online

Yelp should be coming along soon.  Is TripAdvisor a thing we should be looking into?  Is Snapchat still popular?


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Currently, other sites that we may provide external links are not (currently) done affiliate style – if we link you to Fred’s Pizza, they don’t know we sent you.  Having said that, we’d like to know how much traffic we’re sending other places.  So…

Some links that we make to external sites may be tracked for internal purposes.  We may share info about overall numbers – ex. 582 people clicked the link to Fred’s Pizza this month.  We don’t have any desire or reasons to share or track more than that.

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Please be attentive and observant if you visit any restaurants we talk about. Restaurants change things all the time. If we visit a place that has a diet specific dish, it may be a different meal completely a month later – always double check your dietary restrictions no matter what it was when we ordered it.  If we have a great steak at a restaurant, you should still cut into yours and make sure it is cooked properly. Be smart and be safe, you go out into the real world at your own peril.


If your curious, we shoot with a Canon M3 and an 18-55mm Canon EF-M lens (combo).  We cut up photos in Pixelmator Pro.
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We will keep this page updated whenever we make changes.
(Last updated on 2018/10/14.)