Secret Pizza

This was our first trip to Las Vegas.  We spent most of our time at the convention center for CES 2018, and what a freaking show it is.  There’s just no way to take it all in.  We weren’t terribly adventurous in eating out, but we came across a few cool places.

Our first day of CES was mostly spent trying to understand the maps and seeing more drones than I knew existed.  Drones.  Underwater drones.  Drones with cameras.  Drones with 360 cameras.  Competitive drone racing.  Drone obstacle courses.  Lets just say there were a lot of drones.

When our feet gave out, we took a Lyft to see the main drag.  The Cosmopolitan had some CES stuff in it, but it was food time.

The Cosmopolitan lists 25 bars and restaurants on their site.  Secret Pizza is not one of those.  It doesn’t have a sign, and if you don’t know where to find it, you probably won’t realize that its there.  The hallway to Secret Pizza is lined with framed vinyl records, and if you can find it in between the other restaurants, you’ll end up in a small little shop.

Secret Pizza makes most of their pizzas, and then cooks them up when you order them.  The pepperoni was solid, but the multi-cheese one I had the cheeses pretty clumped together and probably could have been cooked a minute or two longer.

It’s Vegas, and it’s pricey, but this is definitely worth a check out.  Even if only to say you found the secret restaurant.


(If you’re walking in circles and can’t find it, the secret hallway to Secret Pizza is between the Blue Ribbon and Jaleo.)

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