Affiliate Links

If you go over to Best Buy and buy a $20 cell phone case – the case probably costs $5 to make, is probably sold to a warehouse company for $10, shipped to Best Buy, and when sold Best Buy keeps the rest as profit.

If you buy that same cell phone case for $20 at a place where the workers earn commission, the price is still the same – but the salesperson gets part of that profit, and the company gets the rest.

You can buy that same cell phone case at Amazon for the same price, and Amazon will make all the profit.

When you click on an affiliate link, the price to you is still the same, but we (sometimes) get a commission on the sale.

When you see (Affiliate Link) next to a link, if you buy that product you won’t be charged any different amount of money.  But the seller may choose to pay us a commission for directing you to their store and not someone else’s store.  Not all links on our site are affiliate links, but we’ll put “(Affiliate Link)” next to all of them.  It’s good business, and it’s also federal law.

This may also cause the item in question to show up more in advertising links on other sites. If you’re opposed to this but still want to follow the links, you can either use an incognito or private mode on your browser of choice, or clear your cookies after leaving our site.

If you’re totally opposed to affiliate links, figure out what you’re searching for and go straight to the site and search on the site for it. Probably in an incognito or private mode, too. But that means more ads, and we don’t want to do that to you.